Project management is an important skills for an engineer in electronics industry. It is a required skill that is good for the career enhancement with becoming wider responsibility. A project management is an effort to meet certain goal with a group of people in specified time. The are several items that needed for attention from the beginning :

  1. documentation
  2. feasibility study
  3. scope
  4. time
  5. quality
  6. budget allocation

As project manager, you may not be able to operate as one man show. You need a team member which comprising several representatives from other departments such as :

  1. Production
  2. Engineering
  3. Quality Control
  4. Equipment
  5. Environment, Safety and Health (ESH)
  6. Failure analysis lab
  7. Stake holder ( business unit )

There are several steps of qualification of projects that need for attention :

  1. Paperwork (Risk assessment)
  2. Prototype (Evaluation)
  3. Qualification lots (Implementation)
  4. Process Confirmation Run (Verification)
  5. Ramp up Monitoring

These are several key items that needs for justification before starting a project. As a project manager, you are responsible for the success of the project.

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