SOLIDWORKS is a 3D CAD mechanical software program that runs on Microsoft Windows and was founded by Dassault Systemes. This software has solid “parametric” modeling intended for modeling 3-D designs. Parametric itself means that dimensions can have a relationship between one another and can be changed during the design process and automatically change solid parts and related documentation (blueprints) ).

SolidWorks uses microsoft structured file storage. which means that there are various files embedded in each SLDDRW (image file), SLDPRT (part file), SLDASM (assembly file), with bitmap preview and sub-file metadata. Various kinds of tools can be used to extract sub-files, even though sub- files in many cases use binary file formats. SolidWorks is a parasolid based on solid modeling, and uses a parametric feature-based approach to model and assembly. Parameters refer to restrictions that are valuable in determining the shape or geometry of the model.

Drawing parameters can be numeric, such as the length of a line or diameter of a circle, or geometric, such as tangent, parallel, concentric, horizontal or vertical. Numeric parameters can be linked to one another through the use of relationships, which allows them to capture the intent of the design being made.

With its simplicity, Solidworks also provides analysis and motion features in designing an image, such as dynamic analytical features, collisions, flow, temperature, and motion (simulation). So it’s no wonder that many engineering students use this software for their hobbies and thesis and final project needs.

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